If your gun success rate isn't 99.9%, you're throwing money down a hole.
A more efficient future is one click away!
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Operational Efficiency

The DynaStage perforating system reduces surface assembly and testing time and NPT associated with misfires. With a 99.9% downhole performance rate, realize initial production faster and complete more stages per day.  

No assembly is required onsite other than inserting our wireless plug-and-go safe detonator into the gun.  It's as easy as putting batteries in a flashlight.  

The intrinsically safe system design allows you to complete parallel wellsite operations.  No need to stop work because of depth restrictions or radio silence. 

The DynaStage system design, a simple assembly and testing process, and fewer failure points reduce misruns, increasing efficiency and minimizing costs. 

DynaStage System Resources

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