DynaStageTM Perforating System - Patents*

Updated January 2020

Electronic Ignition Circuit US 9,915,513
Perforating Gun and Detonator Assembly US 9,581,422
US 9,605,937
CZ 307065
CN ZL201480047092.7
Perforating Gun Components and System US 10,844,697
US 10,472,938
US 10,429,161
US 9,494,021
US 9,702,680
GB 2531450
GB 2548203
RU 2659934
Unitary Initiator Head Assembly US 10,309,199
US 9,822,618
Bulkhead Assembly Having a Pivotable Electric Contact Component and Integrated Ground Apparatus US 10,365,078 B2
US 10,352,674
US 10,066,921
US 9,784,549
Device and Method for Positioning a Detonator within a Perforating Gun Assembly US 10,188,990
Positioning Device for Shaped Charges in a Perforating Gun Module US 10,458,213
Conductive Detonating cord for Perforating Gun US 10,386,168

 * List not inclusive of patents pending in the US and/or internationally.

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